November 2020 Webinar

Understanding How Womxn Travel “Discussion On Women’s Mobility”

Danielle Berger, Circulate San Diego
Angelica Rocha, Circulate San Diego
Monique López, Pueblo Planning

Understanding how women navigate the built environment and their mobility choices is imperative for designing an equitable multi-modal city. This includes acknowledging varying mobility needs, preferences, and perceptions of across the gender spectrum. This presentation will discuss two different strategies used for gathering data on women’s mobility and highlight the important intersection between women’s mobility, environmental justice, accessibility, and equity. Circulate will discuss qualitative research conducted in the City of San Diego exploring women’s perception of safety and experiences using sustainable transportation modes at night. Pueblo Planning will explore the role research methodology plays in the planning process, particularly around involvement in the most marginalized users. Using research conducted on womxn transit use in the Los Angeles region, Pueblo Planning will explore how addresing safety issues begins with the voices and experiences of core transit riders and those most marginalized.

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This webinar is being offered for AICP credit.