APBP Committees 

APBP has several standing committees that support the Association in its programs and activities outlined in the strategic plan.  If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact headquarters at [email protected]

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is composed of the Treasurer (Committee Chair), President or Vice President, Executive Director, and two to three general members.  The Finance Committee’s central function is to help ensure proper management and oversight of APBP’s finances.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee seeks to grow membership and increase the value of the organization for current members. The committee seeks to help members advance their careers and professional relationships and supports the mentor program, chapters and networking among members.

Equity and Inclusion Committee

The Equity and Inclusion Committee was formed as a diverse group of APBP members and stakeholders. Their work highlights issues and fosters discussion within the association; helps identify ways to engage historically underrepresented people in our leadership, membership, and the profession at large; identifies ways to measure and report on progress; and develops or recommends resources to APBP members that will expand their understanding and skills, all with the goal of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our field and in the application of our professional skills.  Read the Equity and Inclusion charge here


Future webinar topics are determined by the Webinarios each year.  The Webinarios seek input from members via email, listserv as well as in person at APBP Conferences and other industry events. Once 12 topics are determined for the upcoming year, a formal request for proposals is distributed to acquire presenters for each webinar. The Webinarios review all proposals for presenters and finalize panels for each webinar. 

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee works closely with Caron Whitaker, APBP's Policy Specialist, on policy statements, briefs, letters of support and other materials that align with our policy principles:

1. APBP represents the professional expertise and practical experience of its members in transportation policy discussions to advance active and healthy communities.
2. APBP endorses active transportation as an integral part of transportation systems through all stages of planning, design, funding, and implementation.
3. APBP supports connected, convenient, and safe streets and pathways in every community and planning with the input of every member of a community.
4. APBP advances street designs that make walking and bicycling a viable option for everyone in every place.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares and presents a slate of candidates for the APBP Board of Directors on an annual basis. The committee is designated by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors.  It is normally be comprised of three members – the Vice President, another Board member, and an APBP member.  The Executive Director and other APBP staff may serve in an advisory capacity as non-voting members. The Committee works closely with headquarters on data collecting, call for nominations, and tallying of election results.

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee works with staff to plan the biannual conference.  The committee is composed of a Chair, Track Chairs, Local Host Committee, additional planning team members, APBP President or Vice President, and a planning committee member from previous conference.

Awards Jury

The Awards Jury includes a chair (heretofore a board member) and other members chosen by the chair and approved by the Board of Directors.  Members should be chosen based on geographic diversity, credibility as professionals, range of professional experience, and active involvement in APBP. In the past, a 3-member panel has been selected and is recommended. At least one board member and at least one person who has served on a past selection panel should be included (these can be the same person or different people).