October Webinar: Defining the Relationship between Bicycle Infrastructure and Gentrification

Wednesday, October 20 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
 Stefanie Brodie, Toole Design Group
Robert Spurlock, Oregon Metro

Although research has not confirmed a causal relationship between bicycle infrastructure and gentrification, there are cases that show a directly link. Toole Design is working with two clients on research projects exploring this relationship. In this webinar, Toole will introduce the connection between bike lanes and trails and gentrification by highlighting foundational research. Oregon Metro and the Ohio Department of Health will then discuss their projects and how the agencies have used/will use the findings. With Metro, Toole examined the literature around bike trails and displacement, including mitigation and approaches to avoid negative impacts of gentrification, specifically the displacement of Black and brown and low-income communities. With the ODH, Toole analyzed how demographic indicators of gentrification and property values changed with the installation of bike lanes.

APBP Project Spotlight:
HEADS UP Pedestrian Safety Activity Book

The City of Phoenix created a pedestrian safety coloring book aimed at children ages 8-12. The book includes fun activities and engaging exercises that teach positive pedestrian behaviors. Participating students in safety classes received a book and were tested on their knowledge of pedestrian safety before and after the 6-week period. The curriculum also includes a voluntary activity called “Create a Walkable City”. The Street Transportation Dept. is developing a Spanish version of the book.
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