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Join colleagues, friends, advocates and experts for excellent training that will take your work and your career to the next level at the 2024 APBP Conference held in Detroit, Michigan, August 12-14, 2024. The Conference will feature over 40 informative sessions and exciting mobile tours taking you into the field on foot, bike and transit. Early registration rates end June 15, 2024. We look forward to seeing you this summer at the APBP Conference in Detroit! 

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Next Webinar - Best Practices: Emergency Vehicle Access for Bicycle/Pedestrian Friendly Streets

Wednesday, April 17 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

Since WWII, the automobile has dominated our streets, as well as the policies and design manuals that govern them. This produced high speed roadways that were
not friendly for people biking and walking. Luckily, in recent decades, this paradigm has shifted, and many planners and engineers are designing streets around people instead of around the automobile. Often this type of design narrows the streets and calms the traffic with horizontal and vertical traffic calming devices. Slowing vehicles can be at odds with the goals of emergency service responders, who are seeking ways to reduce the time it takes to arrive to the scene of an emergency call.
Moreover, fire trucks require a certain amount of physical space to deploy their equipment, space that may be constrained by street design. In recent years, the coupled concepts of "Vision Zero" and "Safe Systems" have gained momentum, resulting in new interest to engage with emergency responders to slow streets.
This webinar will dive into recent research into engaging with emergency responders from various cities across southern California with the goal of implementing traffic calming to reach our Vision Zero goals and objectives. It will highlight best practices, and give the viewers insight on steps they can take to make the communities safer for people walking and biking.


APBP Project Spotlight:
Market Trail

The Market Trail is a AAA, shared-use “Rail with Trail” project along the Region-owned rail corridor from Northfield ION LRT station in Waterloo to the Market District in Woolwich. Market Trail features lighting, benches, and bike racks with space for a future bike and scooter share program. To support workers, residents, and visitors, the Region built access ramps to connect employers to the trail. The trail is winter-maintained to support use and access to transit year-round.
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