City as a Canvas - How Three Florida Cities Approach Placemaking

Wednesday, December 15 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
Alana Brasier, City of Tampa
Cheryl Stacks, City of St. Petersburg
Lauren Matzke, Planning & Development, City of Clearwater

The cities of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa are teaming up to share their programs and experiences relating to the "City as a Canvas" concept by introducing art into unique places. Representatives from each of the three cities will talk about their experiences initiating, promoting, funding, and executing the following project types: sidewalk cartouches/sidewalk poetry, dumpster art, storm drain murals, painted crosswalks, painted intersections, painted bulbouts, barrier beautifications, signal wrap boxes, and more! These projects and programs each support Vision Zero and the goal of enlivening pedestrian spaces through use of color.

APBP Project Spotlight:
HEADS UP Pedestrian Safety Activity Book

The City of Phoenix created a pedestrian safety coloring book aimed at children ages 8-12. The book includes fun activities and engaging exercises that teach positive pedestrian behaviors. Participating students in safety classes received a book and were tested on their knowledge of pedestrian safety before and after the 6-week period. The curriculum also includes a voluntary activity called “Create a Walkable City”. The Street Transportation Dept. is developing a Spanish version of the book.
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