July 2021 Webinar

The Pedestrian Safety Crisis in America: Why it's happening and what we can do about it

Angie Schmitt, 3MPH Planning and Consulting
James Rojas, Placeit

More than 6,000 pedestrians are killed every year on US streets, representing an enormous 50% increase from the first part of the decade. For the Latinx population in particular, walking, biking, and using public transportation are the most affordable mobility options, thus putting the population at a higher risk of pedestrian death. Additionally, there's a lack of Latinx participation in the transportation planning process. The US-Latinx population's unique cultural perspective is needed in community development. Angie Schmitt, author of the new book "Right of Way: Race, Class and the Silent Crisis of Pedestrian Deaths in America", will talk about the social trends that are putting people at risk. James Rojas, founder of the Latino Urban Forum, will discuss why it's important to incorporate the Latinx experience into mobility design throughout the built environment.

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