February 2021 Webinar

Making Intersection & Crossings Safe and Efficient: A Summary of the NCHRP 3-133 Report

Peter Koonce, Portland, Ore.
Peter Furth, Northeastern University
Burak Cesme, Kittelson & Associates

The development of safety of metrics within signalized intersections is an important effort for cities. Safer pedestrians and bicycle crossings can be created by eliminating or mitigating conflicts with turning traffic, but what the research suggests is that in order to achieve Vision Zero, we need to identify new requirements for protected turns. This webinar will include an assessment of left and right turns and the use of leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs) with some assessment of whether bicycle traffic can use LPIs. In addition to the signal timing, some consideration of geometric treatments such as protected intersection layouts and other features are critical to this conversation.

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