Essentials of Bike Parking: Selecting and Installing Bike Parking that Works (2015)

APBP prepared Essentials of Bike Parking for people planning to purchase or install bike parking fixtures on a limited scale. It is a brief overview of APBP’s comprehensive Bicycle Parking Guidelines handbook. This 12-page guide covers the following topics:
• Site planning for short- and long-term parking
• Installation
• Bicycle rack selection--including performance criteria, rack styles, and materials and coatings
• Placement and spacing

This guide may be freely distributed and used for any non-commercial purpose.
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Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2nd Edition (2010)

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From the Introduction to the Executive Summary:
Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2nd Edition: A set of recommendations from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals is a tool for sustainable transportation. Bicycle parking is a critical strategy for promoting bicycling for transportation and recreation. Convenient, easily used, and secure bicycle parking encourages people to replace some of their car trips with bicycle trips and helps legitimize cycling as a transportation mode by providing parking opportunities equal to motorized modes. APBP encourages communities and professionals to use this document to make informed decisions about planning excellent spaces and facilities for people to park bicycles.

The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals published the original Bicycle Parking Guidelines, a basic guide to the selection and placement of bicycle racks specifically for short-term parking, in 2002. Since then, the rapid growth of bicycling, particularly in urban areas, has led to many innovations in the field of bicycle parking. The second edition of Bicycle Parking Guidelines updates the original guide and adds material on long-term and sheltered parking, as well as event parking, in-street bicycle parking, and bicycle transit centers. The 2nd Edition is a comprehensive resource for practitioners and includes:

• General bicycle parking principles and definitions of bicycle parking terms

• Guidance for both short- and long-term bicycle parking

• Elements of a good rack or locker, including specific performance criteria

• Maintenance best practices

• Sample site plans and diagrams to help avoid blunders in rack and locker placement

• Sample quantity requirements for bicycle parking to meet need by land use

• A worksheet for programming bicycle parking for a building or cluster of buildings

• Abundant images and charts to illustrate concepts and conditions

Bicycle Parking Guidelines, 2nd edition, is appropriate for adoption by local agencies as official bicycle parking policy.


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