Webinar: Strengthening Community Connections Through Bike Infrastructure, Transit Integration, and Local Tourism

Wednesday, February 15 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

Improving access to multi-modal transit facilities and building public support for such projects through community engagement can have a transformational impact on residents and visitors of all ages. Three North American case studies, including Marshalltown Iowa, Hopkins Minnesota, and Waterloo Region Ontario, show how key destinations in small to medium-sized communities are reinvigorated through thoughtful design of accessible and appealing active transportation corridors.

This presentation will discuss how connecting destinations and managing community safety concerns with proper surfacing, lighting, and amenities, seamlessly combines walking and cycling with everyday transit. Integrating transit and active transportation to connect destinations within a community create strong opportunities for economic growth.

In addition to creating safe and accessible facilities, trail use is also greatly impacted by the attractiveness of the trail and its environment. The use of pavement surface enhancements, tailored maps and branding, and public art within corridors is attractive but also creates a sense of place and identity for communities. Placemaking in these communities impacts economic growth and tourism in the short term while sustainable designs that last in the future allow communities to grow and build around that identity. 


APBP Project Spotlight:
Portable bike rack loan program update

Portable Bike Rack Application

Valley Metro, the Regional Public Transportation Authority, loans portable bike racks to event organizers in Maricopa County, Arizona. The program has been around for a few years. However, in October 2021 they revamped the form to make it more descriptive. They also added new photos and links to written and video instructions on how to set up and take down the racks. They often partner with local bike club Phoenix Spokes People to provide valet bike parking at concerts and large events.

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