Webinar: Lighter, Faster, Drier: Beyond Quick-Build Towards Resilient Treatments for High-Quality Active Transportation Infrastructure

Wednesday, December 20 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

In the past fifteen years, cities across North America have been constructing quick-build bike- and pedestrian-focused projects. In more recent years, some of these older quick-build projects have reached the end of their lives. This presentation explores the performance of quick-build treatments for active transportation corridors, and what comes next after flexible posts and pavement markings. More permanent installations such as raised cycle tracks and protected intersections offer a range of benefits but require thorough consideration of drainage design and reconstruction of existing infrastructure. The presenters will draw upon their experience delivering active transportation infrastructure in Toronto and Vancouver, discussing how projects in each city have balanced lighter, faster, and cheaper designs with more extensive reconstructions and their attendant impacts. This will include discussion of how different treatments vary in their need for reconstruction of adjacent roads and sidewalks, maintenance impacts for snow, rain, and debris, and how these considerations can lead to selection of varying treatments along a corridor to provide an optimal balance of cost, user comfort, and other factors.


APBP Project Spotlight:
Market Trail

The Market Trail is a AAA, shared-use “Rail with Trail” project along the Region-owned rail corridor from Northfield ION LRT station in Waterloo to the Market District in Woolwich. Market Trail features lighting, benches, and bike racks with space for a future bike and scooter share program. To support workers, residents, and visitors, the Region built access ramps to connect employers to the trail. The trail is winter-maintained to support use and access to transit year-round.
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