August Webinar: Planning for All Ages and Abilities Through Inclusive and Virtual Walk Audits

Wednesday, August 18 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
Presenters: Colin Harris, Alta Planning + Design
Emily Smoak, Minnesota Department of Health
Courtney Wood, Alta Planning + Design

Walk audits are a common public engagement activity used in pedestrian planning, but often are not accessible to or inclusive of people with disabilities. People with disabilities are more likely to rely on walking for daily trips and may be more aware of and impacted by problems in the transportation network. Planning and street design processes benefit from incorporating the expertise of people with disabilities; when a street is accessible for people with disabilities, it is accessible for all people. The Inclusive Walk Audit Facilitator's Guide, developed by the Minnesota Department of Health and Alta Planning + Design, provides specific guidance and information on how to better include people with disabilities and to highlight disability in walk audits so that planning processes are more inclusive.

APBP Project Spotlight:
BC Active Transportation Design Guide

The Province of British Columbia and Urban Systems recently developed the BC Active Transportation Design Guide, which is a comprehensive set of planning and engineering guidelines offering recommendations for the planning, selection, design, implementation, and maintenance of active transportation infrastructure across the province. The Design Guide was developed based on national and international best practices and spans 39 chapters and nearly 600 pages.
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