Webinar: "Introducing the Safer Streets Priority Finder, an Open-Source Tool for Evaluating Network Level Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety"

Wednesday, May 18 at 3:00 p.m. EDT

The SSPF is an open-source tool that provides data-driven systemic safety analysis with a low barrier to entry. The tool allows users to identify higher risk portions of the road network by conducting two analyses: a sliding windows analysis (the framework of HINs), and the Safer Streets Model, a Bayesian statistical model which complements crash history with other information such as functional class, VMT, density, land use, walk and transit commuting, pedestrian generators, and demographics. The model (available for pedestrian and bicycle crashes) quantifies risk in terms of the expected "cost" of crashes on the network which can inform maintenance planning and benefit cost analysis. The tool also includes a built-in crash dashboard, visualizations, and report feature for summarizing and sharing findings. In addition to a demonstration of the tool we will offer examples of use cases.


APBP Project Spotlight:
HEADS UP Pedestrian Safety Activity Book

The City of Phoenix created a pedestrian safety coloring book aimed at children ages 8-12. The book includes fun activities and engaging exercises that teach positive pedestrian behaviors. Participating students in safety classes received a book and were tested on their knowledge of pedestrian safety before and after the 6-week period. The curriculum also includes a voluntary activity called “Create a Walkable City”. The Street Transportation Dept. is developing a Spanish version of the book.
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