Monthly Webinar: December
Education and Encouragement: Bringing the Right People Together

Wednesday, December 18 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
What really changes a person’s behavior? How can agencies & activists help inform appropriate behavior on our streets & pathways? When new infrastructure or operations are introduced, how can we ensure that users understand intentions & exhibit safe operation? How do we best utilize the resources of agency staff & advocacy resources to help this process? We'll examine the effectiveness of Education & Encouragement, & how to broaden the tent of who’s involved in the "soft" E's.
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APBP Project Spotlight
CRW Engineering Group: 10th Avenue Bike Boulevard

CRW Engineering Group

This project constructed the city’s first bicycle boulevard along two miles of 10th Avenue in downtown Anchorage. CRW Engineering’s design included Anchorage’s first-ever back-in angle parking.

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