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Webinar Proposal

APBP invites proposals to present one of the monthly webinar series topics for 2019. 

Webinar topics must relate directly to subjects useful to professionals and advocates working in the field of bicycling and walking: planning, design, engineering, education, encouragement, evaluation, enforcement and advocacy. Innovative approaches that have achieved measurable results are most desirable. Presentations must be evidence-based. 

APBP 2019 monthly webinar series:

January 16 Bus Stops with Bikeways: Designing Transit Stops with On-street Bicycle Facilities
February 20  Viewing Low-Stress Networks Through an Equity Lens
March 20 Navigating Without Curbs: Accessibility on Shared Streets
April 17 Designing Streets for the Speeds You Want
May 15  Maintaining Green Infrastructure: Hints for Success
June 19 Finding Common Ground with First Responders: Enhancing Safety and Maintaining Access in Street Design
July 17 Return on investment for Active Transportation
August 21  Getting the Green Light: Improving Actuation and Detection for Cyclists & Pedestrians
September 18  Can We Talk About the Street? Building Support for Controversial Projects
October 16 If We Build it Will They Come? Estimating Demand for Biking and Walking
November 20  Aging in Place: Designing Communities to Support Mobility
December 18  Education and Encouragement: Bringing the Right People Together



  • Webinars are one hour (approximately 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes for questions), scheduled at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on the third Wednesday of each month except in the event of a conflict with an official holiday (religious or secular).


  • Make every word count. Provide succinct, detailed answers.
  • Examples of verbs to use when framing the learning objectives of your webinar: count; define; describe; estimate; give examples; identify; list; name; outline; predict; read; recall; recognize; reproduce; state; summarize; write; discuss.
  • Sample Learning Objectives:“Bicycling, Walking and Transit – Connections That Work”
        • To describe innovative transit programs that increase ridership by integrating bicyclists and walkers
        • To identify points in transit planning that require attention to bicycle and pedestrian functionality
        • To list marketing programs that capture the desirability of multi-modal trips
  • Tell the story and focus on the visuals
  • APBP is open to webinar topics that we haven't thought of yet. If you have an idea for a topic not already programmed, please submit a proposal and select "I’m suggesting an alternate topic" from the Webinar Month/Topic drop-down menu.
  • APBP will not accept webinar topics intended purely to promote commercial products. Products may be mentioned during a presentation only if relevant to the topic and broadly useful to communities seeking to increase bicycling and walking for transportation. APBP staff will gladly provide guidance to interested suppliers on what type of content is acceptable.
  • A single consulting firm may not present on more than two (2) webinars in a calendar year.
  • APBP encourages consultants who are submitting proposals to include agency folks in your proposal to speak on the webinar.


  • After reviewing your proposal, APBP may ask you to modify it to meet the specific objectives of the webinar. APBP may accept the proposal whole or in part, depending on how the review team develops the webinar’s content.
  • Proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and you will be notified in a timely manor prior to the month you are wishing to present in.


  • Presenters must participate in a planning/practice session as well as the webinar itself. The approximate time commitment (besides your own preparation time) is two to three hours.
  • Presenters will be ask to supply a head shot type photo and short bio (200 words or less) prior to the webinar.
  • Presenters will be asked to provide a PowerPoint version of their slides to APBP 48 hours prior to the live webinar. APBP does NOT give out a Presenter's PPT slides, but will format them into a PDF and make them available for download for all registered webinar attendees the morning of the live webinar.

An honorarium of $600 per monthly webinar is available, divided evenly among the presenters. The honorarium will be paid within 30 days after the webinar, or it can be donated back to APBP’s scholarship funds.

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