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Protected Bike Lane Webinar Series
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2015 Protected  Bike Lane Webinar Series

Green Lane Project staff (and friends) share lessons learned about the role of protected bike lanes, and how to build support, design and implement these facilities. The series is a collaboration between APBP and PeopleForBikes.

How Rapid Transformation Delivers Bike-Friendly Urban Streets
Recorded July 29, 2015

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Download "Costs for Pedestrian and Bicyclists Infrastructure"


Explore how the concept and practice of rapid implementation is evolving and has altered the way cities develop and deliver urban street projects. This webinar previews a new report from PeopleForBikes on the institutionalization of real-time transportation programs and shows how the techniques are becoming embedded as normal practice within city governments.

Dongho Chang, City Traffic Engineer, City of Seattle
Jon Orcutt, Transportation Policy Consultant, PeopleForBikes
Kristin Saunders, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Pittsburgh

View the recorded webinar here.

Talking Biking: Language that Defuses Bike Backlash
Recorded June 3, 2015
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Words shape thoughts. Two skilled communicators from cities that have successfully overcome intense backlashes against bicycle infrastructure will share their tactics and experiences and take your questions. Featuring Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, and Doug Gordon of, in conversation with PeopleForBikes staff writer Michael Andersen.

View the recorded webinar here.

Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes
Recorded March 4, 2015
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The new report from PeopleForBikes, Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes, makes the case for bicycling infrastructure as an equity tool. Presenters review the research and data, and delve into the concepts highlighted by the domestic and international case studies featured in the report. City staff and bicycling advocates should view this webinar to learn how to bring a productive discussion of equity to their communities and effectively incorporate equity concerns into planning.

Michael Anderson, Green Lane Project Staff Writer, PeopleForBikes
Chema Hernández Gil, Community Organizer, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Martha Roskowski, Vice President of Local Innovation, PeopleForBikes

View the recorded webinar here.

2014 Protected Bike Lane Webinar Series

Explore next-generation thinking about how protected bike lanes can integrate seamlessly and successfully with transit, accessible design, and across intersections--and learn about the potential for powerful pilot projects and rapid implementation.

 Rapid Implementation and Pilot Projects
 Recorded December 3, 2014
 Download the slides and handouts
The concept of rapid implementation upends the usual order of the planning process—design, engage, execute—to put projects on the ground quickly, then refine design based on public input and actual usage. In this webinar, presenters from Austin and Memphis discuss key factors for success and the role of pilot projects in rapid implementation of protected bike lanes.

In this session, learn how the cities of Austin and Memphis have evolved a replicable process for getting projects on the ground quickly. Specific factors conducive to rapid implementation of new facilities are considered, including capacity, resources, process and public outreach. Pilot projects are a tool for rapid implementation, and communities have learned some sharp lessons about what works—and what doesn’t. Hear about the evolution of pilot projects in Memphis, including considerations for planning and implementation to maximize community acceptance.

Read about pilot projects here: ‘Ready, fire, aim’: How to make a great protected bike lane pilot project

Annick Beaudet, Capital Planning Consultant, City of Austin
Kyle Wagenschutz, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Memphis

View the recorded webinar here.

 Transit and Protected Bicycle Lanes
 Recorded November 5, 2014
 Download the slides and handouts
Integrating protected bicycle lanes with transit operations (buses and streetcars) can challenge designers and engineers as they must accommodate the requirements of safety, accessibility, transit schedules, and more. This webinar focuses on projects in San Francisco and Seattle that show how these cities are finding solutions for these design challenges.

In San Francisco, accessibility requirements and the need to maintain or improve transit times have strongly influenced design decisions. Boarding islands for buses are a preferred solution; attendees will hear about three projects that show how SFMTA’s designs have evolved and lessons learned along the way. In Seattle, protected bike lanes were developed as part of a streetcar project; design issues included right-turn threats, mid-block curb cuts, pedestrian access to the streetcar station, and bicycles crossing the streetcar tracks.

Ethan Melone, Rail Transit Manager, City of Seattle DOT
Ellen Robinson, Transportation Engineer, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

View recorded webinar

 Intersections and Protected Lanes
 Recorded August 6, 2014
 Download the slides and handouts
One of the greatest challenges to designing a protected bike lane is getting the lane through an intersection. This webinar focuses on the most forward-looking work related to protected bike lanes at intersections, as well as lessons that can be learned from Dutch design.

Presenters will discuss geometric techniques for managing speed and mitigating right turn issues and best practices for signal phasing and mixing zones. Going beyond current practice, we ask “What do next generation protected bike lanes at intersections look like?” and discuss how North American intersections designs can look and function more like their Dutch counterparts. The session includes examples of Dutch-style elements and treatments already installed in the U.S.

Nick Falbo, MURP, Senior Planner, Alta Planning + Design
Nathan Roseberry, Senior Transportation Engineer, T.Y. Lin

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 Accessibility and Protected Lanes   Recorded July 2, 2014
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This webinar examines how some cities address the challenge of designing protected bike lanes that meet the accessibility guidelines for people with physical disabilities. The session includes a discussion of the current guidance related to accessibility and protected lanes; examples include solutions to help pedestrians with visual impairments navigate raised cycle tracks, getting paratransit vehicles to the curb, bus islands, detectable warnings, and more.

Craig Williams, Alta Planning + Design
Nathan Wilkes, City of Austin, Texas

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