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Complete Streets
Bring a Complete Streets Workshop to your community!

These workshops take participants far beyond the typical session focused on design specifics, to an understanding of how to transform the decision-making process itself. We offer three types of hands-on workshops tailored to each client’s jurisdiction or state. For more information or to schedule a course, email Mary Eveleigh or call 202-207-3354.

Effective complete streets policies help communities routinely create safe and inviting road networks for everyone, including bicyclists, drivers, transit operators and users, and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.
The National Complete Streets Coalition has created a workshop series to respond to state and local agencies’ need to learn how to balance the needs of all users, and develop and implement effective policies.

The full-day, highly interactive workshops are customized to help approximately 30 key decision makers, stakeholders, and agency professionals learn how to more effectively balance the needs of all users and routinely create and maintain complete streets. Two nationally-known complete streets design and policy experts who help participants learn:
  • Why complete streets are important, what they are – and are not
  • The many avenues to complete streets
  • How complete streets can help achieve multiple transportation, health, and community goals
Laying the Foundation for Complete Streets
Key stakeholders will:
  •  Build a common understanding of complete streets
  • Consider several types of successful complete streets policies
  • Compare how complete streets designs use existing right-of-way
  • Apply complete streets tools to local examples

Complete Streets Policy Development Workshop

In a collaborative process, participants will:
  • Contrast the nine elements of effective complete streets policies with existing policies and internal procedures
  • Identify area complete streets goals and performance measures
  • Create draft language for a customized complete streets policy
Complete Streets Policy Implementation Workshop
Through hands-on exercises, participants will:
  • Assess existing complete streets policy and decision-making process outcomes
  • Identify ways to strengthen polices and the four steps to more effectively implement them
  • Demonstrate a six-step decision-making process to routinely include and balance the needs of all users