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Daniel Amstutz
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APBP Board of Directors Candidate Statement

Daniel Amstutz
Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and MPO Transportation Planner - City of Greensboro and Greensboro MPO

Please briefly describe your current position and how your work relates to the bicycle/pedestrian field:  

I am the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and MPO Transportation Planner for the City of Greensboro and Greensboro MPO in North Carolina. I work for both the City and the MPO to plan for bicycle, pedestrian, and greenway/trail projects for the city and the greater region served by the MPO. This includes infrastructure and safety projects and programs, public involvement and outreach, evaluation and data collection of people walking and bicycling, and writing planning documents such as the recent update to our Bicycle, Pedestrian, Trails and Greenways Master Plan. I have most recently been working on evaluating bicycle and pedestrian project ideas submitted through our Participatory Budgeting Process, as well as identifying and scoping new projects to be submitted for state funding through their Prioritization process that allocates state transportation funds. 


Why do you want to be a Board member? What do you hope to gain over the term of your Board membership? 

When I first became a member of APBP in 2013 and started attending the PDS and engaging with other members, I realized that I had found "my people." APBP members are some of the most intelligent, passionate, friendly, and generous people that I have ever met. It means so much to me for the organization to continue to flourish and provide the education, networking, and social benefits that professionals in this specialized area need. Biking and walking are only going to continue to be more important over the coming years, and APBP needs to be at the forefront of this reorientation towards sustainable urban and rural living. I want to give back to this organization that I love and be a part of the cutting edge of transportation and land use planning. 

Please describe your goals for APBP and how your leadership on the Board will benefit the association. 

I am part of the APBP Policy Committee and was very excited to hear that the new Strategic Plan includes a commitment to a strong leadership role on active transportation policy issues. APBP needs to stay relevant and provide great value for its members. Part of this is keeping pace with policy changes and educating policymakers about how bicycling and walking is important to all people and how good policy at federal and state levels (and local levels) can improve quality of life, project delivery, and context-sensitive approaches to meeting the needs of all citizens, no matter how they travel or how young or old they are. I would also like to focus on developing local chapters for APBP and provide further guidance for chapter expectations and benchmarks. As the chair of the APBP North Carolina chapter, I can understand the challenges of building a new local chapter from the ground up and are working to determine the best ways to engage local professionals and connect them to one another. I think the national APBP organization could provide more resources for local chapters, "best practices" types of information, and try to learn from the structures of other professional organizations with state chapters. Stronger chapters will connect the national organization to the locals and provide context-specific services that may be more applicable to local situations. I'm passionate about the organization and its importance to its members and how it fits into the larger picture of future trends in travel and livability. 

Past volunteer/leadership positions with APBP: 

APBP Policy Committee, APBP North Carolina Chapter Chair 

Past volunteer/leadership positions with other organizations: 

Member, North Carolina Complete Streets Campaign 
Member, NCDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Initiative Grant Committee 
Volunteer, WalkBoston 
Volunteer, LivableStreets Alliance (Cambridge, MA)