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APBP Ontario Chapter Meeting Notes - Jan 2018
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1/29/2018 at 9:13:46 PM GMT
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APBP Ontario Chapter Meeting Notes - Jan 2018

APBP Ontario Chapter,

Here are the updates from our last APBP Ontario Chapter meeting:

  1. APBP Board update (Kate)

  • New board members added

  • Kate is chair of Alliances

  • What do we want in Canada with legislation/policy?

    • Suggestion: support Canada Bikes with National Bike Summit in Spring

  • Kate is now Chapter champion, starting task force, logistical issues, better ways to support chapters

  • Website update: company has been hired, being updated, Adam Popper did Slack demo, need more time with listserve

  1. Ontario Bike Summit (Justin)

  • speakers to be chosen by end of week

  • APBP could host design discussion, we are flexible

  1. Membership (Justin)

  • Justin obtained that attached APBP Ontario Members list.  (57 as of Dec 2017)

  • Conduct membership drive at Bike Summit

  • Action: Kate to get promo code for new members in advance of Bike Summit

  • Could put flyer in registration packages.  Also discussed possibility of including APBP Members as option on Bike Summit registration

  • Member survey in advance of bike summit; Action: Justin to draft survey questions

4.     APBP Ontario Chapter webinars (Shawn)

  • Plan for two this year: May and October

  • Ideas:

  • Promote bike month – recipe cards from Justin, raise the profile

  • What resources are available for municipalities

  • Could make one APBP-wide webinar about Canada

  • In survey, get feedback from members on topics of interest

  1. Chapter structure (Shawn)

    If anyone would like to take on a new role for 2018, please let Shawn know:

        • Chair – Shawn Smith

        • Membership – Justin Jones

        • Events – Dave McLaughlin

        • Communications – Adam Popper

        • APBP Liaison – Kate Whitfield

  • Phil Hewitson (Waterloo) and Nasim Naghavi (U of Waterloo) expressed willingness to get involved as needed.

  1. Other business

Complete Streets Webinar –TCAT, Smart Growth America – Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary