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Notes from the first Canadian Content meeting 0 D. Goeks I've posted the notes from the first teleconference meeting (3-Oct-12) to organize the Canadian content working group. The notes are attached to this message, or you can navigate to them from the group's home page by clicking on Group Pages > Canadian Content Working Groups.The notes include the ideas for developing content for this website specific to Canadian members, as well as the names of those who've already volunteered to help with this project. Please take a few minutes to read through the notes to learn how your fellow Canadian members answered these questions:1. Name one thing you'd like to see on the APBP website for Canadians2. What is the main benefit you get from being an APBP member and how could it be enhanced for Canadians?3. What new initiative would you like to see APBP support for its Canadian members?We hope you'll find something there that you'd like to work on, and encourage you to get involved by contacting the members who volunteered to spearhead these initiatives. Best regards,Debra GoeksAPBP Member Services
by D. Goeks
Monday, December 3, 2012
Thought leaders on women cycling design issues in Canada 0 K. Keller Greetings! Fionnuala Quinn and I are planning the 2015 Women Cycling webinar (set for March 28, 2015). We're looking for a speaker who is a thought leader in Canada. We're looking for a woman who is driving the conversation around how facility design influences the number of women cycling and the types of trips they make. Please post your ideas here or email Fionnuala at Thank you!! And please join us on 3/28/2015 at 3pm Eastern time for this free APBP webinar.
by K. Keller
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
APBP Canada Meet-Up! 0 B. Patterson APBP Canadian Members Meet-Up! If you are attending Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place and are coming from Canada, join your fellow Canadian APBP members at a meet up in Pittsburgh!  Come join us for tapas and drinks at Seviche (, conveniently located just steps from the conference venue.      When: Monday, September 8, 2014, 7:30pm Where: Seviche, 930 Penn Avenue RSVP: Please RSVP to Brian Patterson at by Saturday, September 6.  Alternatively, come talk to us at the APBP booth on Monday and let us know if you plan on attending!    We will leave right after Monday evening’s Networking Reception & Registration at the Conference Centre.  Meet us at the conference registration desk at 7:15pm and we will walk there together.    Please note that food and drinks are at your own cost.   We hope to see you there!
by B. Patterson
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Winter Cycling Congress 0 C. Fisher The countdown is on for the upcoming 2nd international Winter Cycling Congress. The program is now online and there are great workshops and sessions to attend. Also of note is the pre-conference session the Bicycle Facilities Design Course for Winter Cities. See you all there!
by C. Fisher
Thursday, January 9, 2014
Meet APBP members in Canada at ACT-Canada in Calgary 0 D. Goeks If you plan to be in Calgary for ACT Canada's Sustainable Mobility Summit, join other APBP members from across Canada at a local meet-up. When: Tuesday, October 29 at 5 p.m.Where: 114 8 Ave S.W., James Joyce Irish Pub The group will leave from Palliser Hotel lobby at 5 p.m. No-host bar. Please RSVP to Katherine Glowacz, email
by D. Goeks
Friday, October 11, 2013
Student Cycling Co-Oops 0 D. DeGagné Good afternoon everyone, First off, I want to acknowledge the amazing efforts in Manitoba and throughout Canada through in regards to better the AT (Active Transportation) networks by providing alternative modes in which the general population.  The initiatives have brought me to begin to understand the grass roots advocacy groups, organized student cycling workshops, municipal organizations, provincial and so on and so forth.  I'd like to present my research and hope that with the collaboration of other groups could help me elaborate my resources and have group discussions on how we can engage the student body, faculty and staff. Just a quick note of why student cooperatives could pose as a great anchor for policy change, better infrastructure, safe cycling and walkable communities, increased AT, lower emissions etc..  Here in Winnipeg, our numbers are quite interesting.  The city of winnipeg has roughly 700 000 inhabitants and over 15% of the population accounts for enrolled post secondary students, continuing education, faculty staff.  The potential is enormous. Here is a basic overview of my research: Entitled: Exploring the potential of student-run cycling cooperatives in Manitoba Promotion & Environment: Our research is aiming to explore the different models of student cycling co-operatives around the world. We also want to know what services these cycling co-operatives offer to their student body (repairs, sales, rental, etc.), how they are organized, and why they are organized in such a way.  We’d like to know how student consumer co-ops engage their members in an environment where the turnout is high, and we would also like to explore the link between co-operatives and universities.  Could student (cycling) co-ops be engaged in a university curriculum such as a business, mechanics or social science degree? In short, how could we apply and practically use the concepts learned at school. For these reasons, we think that our research would fit under this strategic objective.Three objectives this project seeks to achieve Better understand the existing Manitoba cycling environment (Green Actions, the cycling hubs, mechanic shops, etc.). Explore the different models of Student Cycling organizations in Winnipeg such as Wrench, The Bike Lab, The Bike Dungeon, etc. Define the structure and the services offered to the community. Identify the flaws of these organizations particularly in terms of sustainability (financial autonomy) and structure (not ideal to go with paid services such as bike renting or sale, etc.)Evaluate the opportunities of a co-op structure. Determine how these organizations could switch from their current structure to the co-op model or how to create a student-run cycling co-op from scratch. Search for possible models already in existence. Define a possible structure(s) – type of co-ops – etc.Identify the multiple benefits of student-run cycling co-ops. Initially, on the university level, the co-op offers services needed by the students, the international students more specifically. It could also be perceived as a practical application of the knowledge and skills students acquire in either a business/management/entrepreneurship course or a mechanic course, amongst others. Such co-ops would engage the students and increase their knowledge about collective enterprise. At the community level, the benefits are multiple; protection of the environment, promotion of the physical activity, access and mobility providing mental health benefits, etc.(Facebook Page: (Website: If you have any suggestions on resources, comments about the current advocacy groups, initiatives which could help promote positive policy change etc, please share within this forum.
by D. DeGagné
Thursday, April 25, 2013
CITE Calgary 2013 0 M. Mithani Hello fellow Canadian APBPers!This year's Annual Meeting for the Canadian Institute for Transportation Engineers will be held in Calgary from April 7 to 10.The technical program chock-full with sessions dedicated to walking and cycling, transit integration and complete street topics. See the program here: will be presenting myself and I already noticed a few APBP members also on the program. So naturally I assume there may also be a few of us attending. If so,it can be a wonderful opportunity to network with other APBP members. We held a similar informal meeting at the Association of Commuter Transportation Conference last year in Hamilton.Please post if you are interested in a meetup. Maybe a drink or two one evening, just before the Hockey Game or Banquet. Any local member may help us find a good near-by pub.RegardsMarian Saavedra  
by M. Mithani
Wednesday, March 6, 2013
MTO Releases Cycling Strategy 1 J. Neumann Thanks for the post, Jana.
by D. Krentz
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Okay Canada group members, what would you like to see on our page? 2 D. Krentz Thanks Norma, I'm looking forward to those notes!
by D. Krentz
Friday, November 30, 2012