October Webinar: Thinking About the Cycling Experience: Cycle Highways + Methods for Human-Centered Bikeways 

pedestrian crossing
Wednesday, October 21 at 3:00 p.m. EDT
How do you feel while riding a bike? The human experience of cycling is a critical yet understudied reason for why people choose to cycle. If we want cities where cycling is widespread and inclusive, we need to pay attention to everyday people's experiences. This webinar will provide two perspectives on the human experience: cycle highways, which are an emerging type of long distance, high quality bicycle route, and design methods, tools that practitioners can use develop bikeways that meet the needs of their communities.

APBP Project Spotlight:
Great American Rail-Trail Launch

The Great American Rail-Trail is Rails-to-Trails Conservancy's most ambitious project to date and will prove to be a national treasure as it unites millions of people over thousands of miles of trail. As the nation's first cross-country multi-use trail, the trail will be entirely walkable and bikeable, connecting people of all ages and abilities with america's diverse landscapes and communities. RTC launched the route in 2019, and it is already 52% complete with more trail to be added annually. 
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