APBP Board of Directors Candidate Statement

Stephen Patchan
Assistant Director of Planning and Sustainability
Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

Please briefly describe your current position and how your work relates to the bicycle/pedestrian field:  

I'm currently the Assistant Director of Planning and Sustainability at the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.  I oversee a staff that provides technical assistance for active transportation projects, update the Regional Active Transportation Plan and Regional Complete Streets policy and develop several safety-related projects.  My staff also collects, generates and analyzes the regional active transportation database.

Why do you want to be a Board member? What do you hope to gain over the term of your Board membership? 

Stephen Patchan headshot.

I want to an APBP board member because I believe that the organization is a vital component of active transportation planning, infrastructure construction, and education and program development.  The organization nurtures existing practitioners and advocates through discussion and networking and is instrumental in pushing our profession to be more innovative and efficient.  

I would hope to gain additional insight into how colleagues are addressing challenges and maximizing opportunities as I may integrate this knowledge into my own practice.  I would also hope I could be helpful in mentoring and bringing a varied planning background and 15 years of public, private, city, county and regional planning.

Please describe your goals for APBP and how your leadership on the Board will benefit the association. 

My goals for APBP are to raise the visibility of the organization and significantly increase membership.  I would also like to establish APBP as a leader in pushing the innovation and ambition of bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure and programs.  This would include how to establish low stress rapid build complete networks as the common approach to infrastructure as opposed to corridor level projects; elevate project scale so that active transportation projects are identified as regionally significant and viewed on par with highway scale projects; push for data analysis and modeling that shows how complete low-stress networks would impact a communities entire network performance (i.e. how do we show a conversion of short trips from SOV to biking/walking); and finally, develop a narrative that is more applicable to causally civic-minded folks that moves the needle on education and support.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with APBP: 

I established the Ohio APBP Chapter. I've recruited 4 additional folks to serve as leaders and to chart out the Chapters role in improving active transportation in Ohio.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with other organizations: 

I have volunteered with BikePGH and LACBC.  I plan to volunteer with YayBikes! in 2020