APBP Board of Directors Candidate Statement

Conor Semler
Associate Planner
Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Please briefly describe your current position and how your work relates to the bicycle/pedestrian field:

Conor Semler is an Associate Planner who draws on his experience in urban planning, traffic engineering, and technical research in complete streets design. Conor is highly regarded for his ability to leverage transportation design to create livable and healthy communities. His career has focused on improving conditions for walking and bicycling through better evaluation and design. Conor is a national leader in the planning and design of innovative bicycle facilities. He was involved in the development of both the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide and the FHWA Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide. Conor's experience is informed by his role in leading research, contributing to designs, and working closely with cities to continually evolve and innovate safer, more inviting bicycle facilities.

Conor Semler headshot.

Why do you want to be a Board member? What do you hope to gain over the term of your Board membership? 

I have been an APBP Board member since 2015 and I'm eager to continue serving in this important position. APBP has been a pivotal organization for me, personally, for most of my career. Since I began working in the pedestrian and bicycle transportation field, APBP has been the number one resource for information, contacts, and ideas. I can trace many of my strongest connections in the profession back to an email exchange or APBP conference conversation. It's the organization that helped launch the leaders of our profession.

I'm hopeful to continue working with the Board to steer the direction of the organization and help emerging and future professionals benefit in the same way I did.

Please describe your goals for APBP and how your leadership on the Board will benefit the association. 

My strongest attributes are experience, perspective, and vision. As a current member of the Board of Directors for APBP, I understand the needs of the organization at this important point in its history. I am co-chair of the Policy Committee which has helped position APBP as an authority on important technical topics within our profession.

As pedestrian and bicycle transportation continues to emerge and innovate at the center of our industry, connections and information sharing among professionals is essential. APBP is the primary resource for sharing best practices and research and the first place most professionals go to find information. This dedicated network of passionate professionals relies on APBP for networking, professional development, and training, on which the organization must continue to focus. With dozens of local chapters opening in the recent years, APBP must balance its role as a national resource while providing guidance to local chapters seeking to engage valuable peer-to-peer interactions on a regular basis.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with APBP: 

I have served as a Board Member for the past four years and volunteered for a number of initiatives, including the Policy Committee, Membership Committee, and Conference Planning Committee.

Past volunteer/leadership positions with other organizations: 

I previously served as a board member for YPT-Boston, the Boston Cyclists Union, and PedBikeTrans in Australia