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Congratulations to APBP's newly-elected Board Members

 Tom Bertulis  Mary Anne Koos  Jessica Mortell  Jessica Roberts  Conor Semler Kate Whitfield

Newly elected to APBP's Board of Directors are Tom Bertulis, Jessica Roberts, Conor Semler, and Kate Whitfield. They join re-elected Directors Mary Anne Koos and Jessica Mortell, and continuing Directors Brooke DuBose, Madeline Brozen, Vivian Coleman, Heath Maddox, Brian Patterson, Byron Rushing and Craig Williams on the 2016 Board of Directors.

Chapter Chat - Tuesday, November 17 • 3:00 p.m. EST

Curious about APBP's chapters? Maybe you're already involved in a local chapter or maybe you'd like to start one in your area. Join an online chat hosted by the Membership Committee to share ideas, ask questions, and help APBP develop this program. Register here.


Webinar: Bike Boxes
Wednesday, November 18 | 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. EST
Register here

Bike boxes are increasingly common; how are they applied in practice? The experience of Portland, Oregon, frames a discussion focused on engineering, evaluation and safety. Learn about the layout and physical elements of a bike box, their benefits and potential risks, and the current status of bike boxes in the MUTCD. In addition, the session includes information on traffic signal detection in bike boxes, the application of bike boxes to solve other problems, and a discussion of research conducted at Portland State University related to crash history.

Essentials of Bike Parking: Selecting and Installing Bike Parking that Works (2015)

APBP prepared Essentials of Bike Parking for people planning to purchase or install bike parking fixtures on a limited scale. It is a brief overview of APBP’s comprehensive Bicycle Parking Guidelines handbook. This 12-page guide covers the following topics:

  • Site planning for short- and long-term parking
  •  Installation
  • Bicycle rack selection--including performance criteria, rack styles, and materials and coatings
  • Placement and spacing

This guide may be freely distributed and used for any non-commercial purpose.
Click here to download.

Revisit the 2015 Professional Development Seminar

Maybe you were at the PDS in St. Louis and want to review the sessions you attended. Or maybe you're curious about the outstanding training offered there. Whatever the case, click here to find the files you're looking for. Presentations have been organized by session name (not all presentations may not be available). If you can't find a specific file, e-mail your inquiry to

Get Involved with Your Association!

You want to meet new colleagues and contribute to APBP, but you're not sure where to start. No worries--there are lots of ways to connect with us. Join a committee--these groups are crucial to APBP's strategic growth. Learn about committees here. Or, get involved with a local chapter. APBP has twelve chapters in the U.S. and in Canada--join an existing group, or start one in your area. Learn about chapters here.

Bottom line: Volunteering for APBP offers many one-of-a-kind opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Ready to lend a hand? Sign up here.


New on APBP's YouTube Channel

Click here to see all webinars in the Protected Bike Lane series produced with the Green Lane Project

How Rapid Transformation Delivers Bike-Friendly Urban Streets | Recorded 7/29/2015
Explore how the concept and practice of rapid implementation is evolving and has altered the way cities develop and deliver urban street projects. This webinar previews a new report from PeopleForBikes on the institutionalization of real-time transportation programs and shows how the techniques are becoming embedded as normal practice within city governments. Download the handouts here.

Talking Biking: Language that Defuses Bike Backlashes | Recorded 6/3/2015
Words shape thoughts. Two skilled communicators from cities that have successfully overcome intense backlashes against bicycle infrastructure share their tactics and experiences. Featuring Cathy Tuttle, Executive Director of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, and Doug Gordon of, in conversation with PeopleForBikes staff writer Michael Andersen. Click here to download handouts and see more webinars about protected bike lanes from the Green Lane Project.

Active Transportation Funding and the Next Transportation Bill | Recorded 4/29/2015
In this recorded webinar, presenters from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy review the findings of their 2014 poll of likely 2016 voters for both parties, explain the messages that resonated with voters, and share resources for using this information with important decision makers to advocate for funding of active transportation. Click here to download handouts from the webinar.


The Best of ProWalk ProBike ProPlace | Recorded 2/25/2015
APBP and the Project for Public Spaces collaborate to deliver a reprise of the best walking, cycling, and place-making sessions from last year's conference. Featured sessions include Vision Zero for Pedestrian Safety: New Thinking from San Francisco; Designing Intersections for Cycle Tracks: The Vancouver Experience; and Rethinking and Activating Public Space in Seattle and Boston. Click here to download handouts from the webinar.



Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes | Recorded 3/4/2015
The new report from PeopleForBikes, “Building Equity: Race, Class and Protected Bike Lanes,” makes the case for bicycling infrastructure as an equity tool. Presenters review the research and data, and delve into the concepts highlighted by the domestic and international case studies featured in the report. Click here to download handouts.



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